Training accessories

Training accessories

On the following pages you will find a small selection of training equipment that you can use in your club, personal fitness training or fitness club for all sports. Sprint training is just as important for a runner as for a hockey player or soccer player, so that the brake parachute can certainly be used in training across all sports. The coordinative ability of the athlete is extremely promoted by the coordination manager or cup hat.

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Resistance band

Product no.: SP001

from 198.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 5-8 days

Parachute brake parachute

Product no.: F070

80.00 *
Old price 95.00 €

Sprint sledges Aerorun

Product no.: F071

95.00 *
Old price 120.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 14 days

Katchet & KatchMax Combo

Product no.: SP0227

120.00 *
Old price 145.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 7-10 days

Katchet hockey training aid

Product no.: SP0228

66.00 *
Old price 120.00 €

Elastic Rope for Goalkeeper Training

Product no.: SP0303

75.00 *
Old price 90.00 €
In stock
can be shipped within 5-8 days
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